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A Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. London's Class January 12-16

Weekly Note from Mrs. London

We had another great week of learning! Please note the important dates for the science tutorial and test next week. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend long weekend and will see you on Tuesday!

Shabbat Shalom,


Important Dates

1/19-No school, MLK Day

1/20- Spring After School Enrichment begins

1/20 Science Tutorial 3:20-3:50 (please let me know if your child will stay)

1/22 Geology Test in Science

2/6 Our class leads Kabbalat Shabbat

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week we did not have a new spelling rule as we had our second sight word review. We also reviewed our grammar unit on pronouns, plural nouns and possessive nouns before our assessment on Friday. We continued to write our creative Super Kid Glasses stories and can't wait for you to read them when we are done! For comprehension, we learned about how to draw conclusions and make inferences when information is not directly given to us in a passage or story we are reading. Beginning next week, we will learn how to take a test over all the comprehension skills we have learned this year. When these tests are taken, they will be graded and sent home for you to sign and return. Also, at the end of the trimester, all the tests we take will be averaged and shown as a grade for reading comprehension on the report card. During literacy centers, we are enjoying reading a biography about a person of our choice, writing 5 facts about that person, and making adorable biography dolls to look like that person.


This week in math we had so much fun playing Jeopardy to review all the subtraction concepts we learned over the past few weeks. We also had fun playing tic tac toe with a partner during literacy centers to practice for our quiz! Next week, we will have fun with graphing!


This week we watched Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls and reviewed for our test that is next week. We continued to identify the 3 types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Next week, we will review for our science test. The science folders are coming home this weekend if you would like to review with your child for our test. I will have a tutorial on Tuesday from 3:20-3:50 so if you would like your child to attend, please email me so I know who to expect. The test will be on Thursday.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

מ,ם (MEM and MEM SOFIT) where our letters this past week, we practiced the verbs: קָם (stand up), לוֹמֵד (study), אוֹמֵר (say),

read the story "גַּם אֲנִי!" (me too!) and used the question words: מִי? (who?), מָה? (what?), כַּמָּה? (How much? \how many?), לָמָּה? (why?).

Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible.

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag