Kindergarten Newsletter

November 8th - 12th

What we're learning this week...

Phonics: Short O Word Families

Book: The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

Reading Strategies: Retelling the story, making a connection, and visualizing the text

Math: Teen numbers (understanding teen numbers as a group of ten with extra ones), hexagons, number writing

Writing: Narrative writing, using what we know to write words

Social Studies: Veteran's Day, the story of Thanksgiving

Science: Plant and Animal Secrets: Shelter and safety

Religion: We learn about God with our families and our friends

Social and Emotional Learning: Explaining feelings - Students discuss how to think back to what happened first or look for situational cues in order to understand reasons for someone's feelings. Students brainstorm reasons that people can have different feelings.

Virtue: Building peace

Social Skill: Following directions and asking permission