Kjolen Mountains

Isaac Koenig

  • location- the mountains go west to the North sea and to the northeast slightly curving to Finland.
  • size- the highest peak is 8100 feet and stretches 1100 miles.
  • physical characteristics- the climate in the mountain is a "pleasant climate" the temperature in the summer can reach a high of 86 f and in the winter a low of 40 below zero. The animal life in the mountains are consisted up of voles, elk, red dear, and many more. the plant life if made up of pine, spruce, and others.
  • human characteristics- though there isn't any recorded cities or towns of people Norway's official religion is evangelical lutheran. The political system of Norway is the Parliamentary system. Norway belongs to the leading group of the richest countries in the world measured by GDP per capita. The language of the mountains are norwegian, sweden, and others. there is no civilization on the maps.
  • natural resources- there is gold, lumber, hydro power, and manu more.
  • analysis- according to the maps there aren't people living there unless there weren't recorded.