Hydro electricity

A flyer will take your attotion :)

Hydro electricity

How it works . the water flow hit the terbime and take out the garbage and then the water flow goes to the dam and make electricity.

ECO frindly

Hydro electricity is friendly because fossil fuel is bad because it polluting but hydro electricity is not polluting means ECO friendly.

renweble resouses

Renweble energy never runs out of non-renweble.The green house gas do not pollut it is trapping heat from the earth wiche cause climate change renweble resouses is a never ending supply it gose in a cicily till it is used.


Hydro electrialc cost the least for people to pay. And it is safe to use. It is safe to use and also dose not pollut. while fuel dose pollut. hydro is renweble energy.


To build a dam is verey expensive to build. In china 2billon people had to move. plus 4billon more because of three gorege dam. They also cause fish to die.