Energy Resources

Nonrenewable vs. Renewable

Where is solar energy located?

Solar: It comes from the sun. Solar panels take in sun light. Then, it transfers the energy to make electricity.

Fossil Fuels: There are some fossil Fuels in Wioming they can also be found in the gulf of mexico

How is resource formed?

Solar: From solar panels

Fossil Fuels: They are formed by remains of ancient organisms

How is the resource used?

Solar: Photovoltaic transfers energy to be used at home for energy

Fossil Fuels: They are burned as an energy source

Cool facts

Solar: Most solar power comes from plants in California

Fossil Fuels: It creates waste. It take millions of years to form

What is one innovative alternative energy form?

Ocean energy,Tidal energy,Wave energy,Ocean thermal energy; Takes kinetic energy from tides to create energy it is another form of nydropower captured by generator witch then turn trurbines witch create energy.
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  • How fossil fuels are made
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  • all the things you need to get solar energy
Fossil Fuels 101
  • How fossil fuels are created.


By: Julia Wegener and Sophie Gerdes


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