The Misfits

By ainay

There is a group of kids in middle school and they aren't the most popular. They call themselves The Misfits. Bobby (the main character) works at a convenient store. His friends ask to hang out with Bobby, but his work is pulling him away.

Back at school, there is a election for class president and vice president. One of Bobby's friends, Addie, wants to run for vice president. The election is creating many problems for the misfits. None of Bobby's friends know, but girls are also getting in his head and he can't handle it. Since Addie is wanting to run for vice president, she knows she won't get elected because she isn't popular. So, her and her friends have a plan to get Du' Sean (a popular guy) to join their campaign called Freedom Fight. Most of the book talks about the election and the pressure of it.

This book takes place at Painbrush Falls .Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me.They they call each other the Gang of Five.