US Mobilization

Selective Service Act, Food Administration, Propaganda, etc.

Selective Service Act...

The Selective Service Act was used during WWI by Woodrow Wilson. Now this act is called the draft. A total of 24 million Americans were registered, 4 million of those were sent to help our Allies (England, Italy, and Russia).

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Food Administration...

The purpose of The Food Administration, founded by Herbert Hoover, was to conserve food in America during WWI. "Victory Gardens" were urged and Americans were asked to eat meatless and wheatless meals. This administration was formed so soldiers would have enough food during war.

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Propaganda Posters...

Propaganda was used to recruit soldiers to fight in WWI. These posters made war look glamarous and adventurous. Young men would join the war hoping to serve their country and see the world.

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The Effect of War on Women...

Due to men being gone into war, women took on many of their jobs. The most common job to women during the war was factory work. Women worked in these factories to provide weapons for the war.

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Women in WW1

The Great Migration...

African Americans migrated North to escape Jim Crow laws. They worked alongside women in factories making weapons for war.

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