Czech Republic

When did the Czech Republic join the EU?

May 1st 2004

Was my country a founder of the EU?

No, Czech Republic was never a founder of the EU.

Part of another country before?

It formed itself but in 1004 it was part of the Holy Roman.

Where is the Czech Rebublic located?

It is located in Europe. It is boarded by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.
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The flag is red, white and blue.


The capital is Prague. Four major cites are Kladno, beroun, jirny, and rudna.
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Tourist Attraction ⬆️

The Prague national theater is a nice attraction because they put on good plays there.

Government Type

The Czech republic is a multiple party government.

3 interesting facts about Czech republic

Czech Republic is mostly surrounded by mountains. The sugar cube was invented in 1841 in the Czech republic. There are over 2000 castles in the Czech republic.