Safety Online

Why you shouldnt give out personal information to people you don't know or trust

  • People can hack into your account
  • You feel safer if people you don't know know where you live
  • People can see your address, phone number and other private data on certain web sites
  • Do not post pictures of checks or credit cards
  • Do not post pictures to any accounts that you own
  • Do not post account numbers or even the name of your bank or credit card companies
  • Do not post comments online about you leaving town or leaving for the weekend. It will give others an idea about when your house is empty
  • Do not post photos of you on vacation as it will give burglars a chance of when you wont be home
  • Complaints about work or other people are likely to get back to your employer or the other person and that can hurt your job or your social life
  • If you have any doubts about whether a comment or photo is appropriate for public viewing, it is best not to post it
How to Use Passwords and Be Safer Online: Nick Berry at TEDxSeattle