Life before/after with Walt Disney

By: Sheyla Cervantes Cuevas


Walt Disney moved to California with his brother Roy Disney. They rented a film studio and a small workshop. They also bought a second hand camera. Then from there Roy started to save up money and soon saved about $250 and borrowed $500 more to set up their own film studio. This happened in Hollywood, California July 1923. Walt and Roy Disney started this film studio so it could help their future on how to live with a family and start working so he could keep going on with his life. They also needed to pay their bills so then they won’t get kicked out of their house.


Not a lot of people have heard about their film studio when they opened it up so they could get employees, but a little of people had seen their workshop and asked to worked there and they did. Those who joined became their workers. Their company started to earning a few hundred dollars in 1923 from $25 billion in 2001. In 2001, Walt Disney and Roy Disney decided to make Disney stores. By then they had about 700 locations of disney stores in nine countries. In that same year more than 250 million people from all over the world, came to visit and buy their merchandise.
Disney owned or partially owned more than 20 magazines titles. In 1994, the Disney cruise line was formed. The cruise line has two ships, named The Disney Magic and The Disney Wonder. Each cruise ship is more than 950 ft (290) m long and can hold about 1,750 passengers. On the last day of the cruise, the ship stops at Castaway Cape, a private island owned by Disney. As the years pass, Walt Disney now has created more merchandise including clothes, shoes, and plushes from the animations that he has created. For example Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Aristo Cats, Toy story, finding nemo, Cars, Cinderella, Aladdin, sleeping beauty, felix the cat, and beauty and the beast.
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Present (NOW)

As years passed by, Walt suddenly got sick and then soon enough he died form lung cancer. Roy Disney his brother, continued with the job. 15 years later he died too, but from something else. Ever since they have been gone, things got worse. The company had to quit because they didn't pay the rents and borrowed more money than what they needed. But then, they created "Disney channel". Thats when they created more films, movies, toys, accessories, and clothes. Now I think that this is better than before because before, they had to borrow money and then pay their bills. Now, they just have to pay their bills. Plus, they made more movies and (toys, accessories, etc.) now, then they ever did before. Walt and Roy Disney have done all they could and now it is way much more famous then what it was before. All of this changed every body. After all, it was named after some people who were special.
Walt and His brother Roy Disney, have made a huge difference in the world. They were the most famous throughout the whole entire time, but not every one lasts long to live. Each person involved in the "Disney Channel" along with Walt and Roy, all changed the everyday life and soon enough Mickey Mouse became 75 years in 2003, when most of us was born. Walt had so many deep thoughts on the animations. He thought of how, who, when, where, and why this and that would happen with his animations, as he would think and see in real life.