Immune System

Body Systems Project Part 5

Purpose of the Immune System

To protect the body from threats such as viruses, pathogens, and toxic substances.

A bacteria, virus, or other microorganism that can cause diseases.

Active Immunity

The immunity that results from the production of antibodies by the immune system in response to the production of antigens.

Passive Immunity

The short-term immunity that results from the introduction of antibodies from another person or animal.


a toxin or foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body.


a blood protein produced in response to and counter-acting a specific antigen.

Why Antibiotics only work for bacteria

Antibiotics interfere with the metabolic process of the bacteria, and since viruses don't have metabolism, it doesn't work with them.



Causes failure of the immune system, allowing other viruses and harmful substances to harm the body. It is usually contracted sexually. This leads to AIDS. AIDS causes flu like symptoms as well as opportunistic infection and tumors. It can ultimately lead to death.


This is when the body tries to reject a certain substance it sees as harmful, but may not actually be. It is usually acquired by birth, but can possibly go away over time. It can cause anything from sneezing/coughing to swelling of the windpipe causing death.