Recipe for a perfect world



1 world

5-6 trillion kg of food

5-6 million houses

20000L of equality

1000L of rights

No bottles of no chainsaws

100 million kg happiness


step-1 Take a world.

step-2 Mix 5-6 million people so there can be life on the earth/planet.

step-3 Add 100 trillion kg of food so no one will fight for food.

step-4 Add 5-6 million houses for the people to live in so they wont fight.

step-5 Mix 2000L of equality so everyone is the same.

step-6 Add 1000L of right so people don't go to jail for things they do.

step-7 Mix 1000 bottle of no chainsaws so they can not chop any trees down.

step-8 Take step-2 and mix it with 100 million kg of happiness.

step-9 Don't add any money and guns so they don't get wealthy.

step-10 Mix all the ingredients.

you have now made a perfect world