Why save energy?

We need energy to live, we don't have enough for everyone

How can we save energy at home?

There are many ways that we can save energy at home. One is to make sure all of our items that use energy are shut off when they are not being used. Like when you brush your teeth only have the faucet running when you need to have water on your brush. As of the type of energy to use I believe it should be solar. I believe this because while to have solar panels does cost a bit of money you do not half to pay the electricity bill again. Also they are compact meaning they can be built around most places on your roof.

How can we save energy at school?

At a school building energy is being used constantly and having new schools built, you need an energy source that would be reliable. This is why I believe using wind turbines would be great at schools. For instance UNT has wind turbines at they side of the college which produces plenty of energy. UNT is huge, when in contrast to a middle school wind turbines could produce more than enough energy.

How can we save energy in the community?

I believe a good energy source for a community would be hydro power. These are powered by water which around most communities there is a large body of running water. You could easily make a dam by an are and attach it to a Tesla coil and have it power the area.