Orion The Hunter

By Ian Marshall and Austin Gray; Mr. Jones' 3rd Period

The Myth Of Orion The Hunter

Orion was the son of Neptune (the sea god) and Queen Euryale of the Amazons, a masterful hunter. Orion grew up and inherited his mom's talent and became the worlds greatest hunter.Yet, with this amazing strength came an amazing ego. An ego so big, that he said he could best any animal in fight. After saying this, a small scorpion stung and killed him.

Orion's Stars


Alpha is really named Betelgeuse and is different from all of Orion's other stars. Alpha is red and much larger than Orion's other stars. Alpha makes up Orion's right shoulder.


Beta's name is Rigel and is a super giant star like Alpha. Beta is massive and light blue like most of Orion's stars. However, Beta is going to explode very soon and is going to be visible from earth during the day.


Orion is visible from the Northern Hemisphere during November through February, while the Orion is visible from the Southern Hemisphere during late spring through summer