Asia and Africa

After World War ll, European imperialism (the taking over of another country's land) lost power and controlled territories began to demand independence.
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The Indian Subcontinent

Independence movements started slow and had little support, but after the killing of innocent people independence movements gained more support

Mohandes Ghandi inspired many people to protest non-violently for independence.

Even though India gained independence, Muslims and Hindus still had bad blood and later formed separate nations, this formation of separate nations caused a lot of violence.

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Africa had been taken over by other colonies, but following freedom they experienced civil(between each other) conflicts because of history before being taken over.
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Rwanda:Ethnic Genocide

Many unfair rules existed after European rulers left and caused the skin colored favored Tutsi's to be hated by the Hutu's and let to acts of killing and murder
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Jewish Wait for State ends in 1948

Jewish people were given a home in Palestine but Muslims had lived there first and did not welcome them and acted in brutal fighting manners to rid the Jews out of Muslim homeland
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Israel: Balfour Declares a Mess

Many Jews decided to stay in their own region while others moved to Europe and other areas because of the massive Islamic takeover in Palestine.

Arthur Balfour (Britain's foreign secretary) had created the "Balfour Declaration of 1917), which allowed a home for the Jewish people in Palestine, which then allowed Britain to gain control of Palestine.

The declaration started to create chaos and violence and then many Jews fled from Germany as Hitler came to power...

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The Iranian Revolution: The Shah Gets Shooed

The leader, or Shah, of Persia (now Iran) at the time let it become influenced by the West. Rex's Shah Pahlavi took over the power in 1925 and started to make Iran more like the West. This made a lot of people mad, because they wanted to go back to the old Islamic ways of ruling, but he kept doing it anyway. Eventually, they kicked him out of power during the Iranian Revolution and found someone else to rule who made the government based on the Islamic religion (theocracy); his name was Khomeini. Iraq and Iran didn't get along, so they had an 8 year war pretty soon after the revolution, and Iraq has the United States' help. Right now, Iran is worrying America because of all of the nuclear weapons it's making.
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Oil: Enormous Amounts of Goo

The Industrial Revolution was a big deal to Iran because their land had a lot of oil under it. Before the Industrial Revolution, it had no use to them, but afterword, they realized they could use it as fuel! This made the Middle East really popular with all the other countries. Especially America, because cars were becoming really popular as well. So then all the middle eastern countries that had oil got together and created the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries or the OPEC and made oil more expensive for other countries to buy.
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Developments in South Africa: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid

South Africa was formed by combining two Dutch colonies and two British colonies along with the existing black population, but this country was separated between blacks and whites with blacks having unfair rules on where to work and where to live, this was called the apartheid.

Because of these unfair rules, the blacks formed the African National Congress to help takeaway these laws, the leader of this committee was Nelson Mandela who was arrested for leading the congress, Mandela and the ANC hoped for peaceful ending of the apartheid but instead it turned violent with many people being killed.

Finally in 1990, Mandela was released from jail and the rule makers of South Africa ended the apartheid, and in 1994 Nelson Mandela was elected president.

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The Middle East

After World War 1 ended, the Ottoman empire was broken into many different countries with Turkey being the biggest of thee countries, these many different countries were young and weak so they were protected by the stronger, European countries.
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