Learning Experiences in Science

Grade 9 Regional Science


For me one of my most memorable moments in Grade 9 Science was in Ecology when our class when't to Windy Wool an found Red Backed Salamanders. We took some and brought them back to class and tried to recreate there natural habitat in the environmental chamber and release them back in the woods. In ecology we learned a lot about different food chains and food weds. I loved ecology because I love learning and taking about animals. When i'm older I wan't to become a Zoologist so believe ecology has made me more knowledgeable about wild life.
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One of the most memorable moments that all always remember in Chemistry was the demo with methane bubbles and lighting them on fire in our hands. In chemistry as a class we learned about different WHMIS symbols. And learned about how much chemicals we use in our everyday lives. Chemistry tough me things like the Periodic table. When our class had an assignment where we had to take an element to research about I chose Silver. In Chemistry we learned about common Laboratory Equipment such as beakers, test tubes, wire brush and many other materials. In Chemistry I learned that matter broke up into two different things. A pure substance and a mixture. I loved learning about chemistry.
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When we where learning about electricity a cool moment was when we where playing around with the van Dir graft generator. We had to put our hand on the big ball and electrons would go to our hair making it stand up. learning about electricity showed me how much things in are world need electricity to run, and how it effects our everyday lives. We also watched a video showing of an electric eel and how they produce an electric shock to kill prey. I the three methods of electrostatic charges are friction, contact, and induction. I also learned about electrons protons and neutrons during our season on electricity. As a class we learn to made both parallel and series circuits. Learning about electricity showed me how much man made things are powered by current electricity.
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A fun part about learning astronomy was making a Smore for the first time. My first smore was about the Gas Giant and the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter.I learned so much about the planet Jupiter and about many other planets. In Astronomy I learned many things I didn't no before like Inner and Outer planets. I also learned that our solar system is about 4.5 billion years old. In Astronomy it really tough me how small we are compared to the world beyond our eye's can see.


Thank you Mr. Krstovic for a great semester in Grade 9 Regional Science. I learned so much from you. God Bless.