Computer Hardware

Sunny Patel 2S

Hard Drive and SSD

A hard drive is a a device fo storage which is in your computer. They are in pretty much everything from your phone and ipad to a very old computer. These are very important because if you take it out of your device (laptop, Ipad e.t.c) it will not work. An SSD is exactly the same thing but smaller and has less storage room. The difference between SSD and Hardrive is that the SSD is smaller and lighter and more compatible. But the Hardrive has more storage room and is much cheaper than the SSD.

Optical Drive

Optical Drive

The optical drive is the drive that carries the DVD's and CD's. If you have one of the advanced ones that is compatible with Blu-Ray than it would allow you to have CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray. PS3's have Blu-ray therefore it uses Blu-ray in games. The difference betweeen DVD's and Blu-ray is that the Blu-ray disks hold more information therefore the DVD's can be in High Defintion.


The monitor is the screen that you look at. But if you are thinking it is like the computer you are wrong. The computer holds memory and save's you work the monitor just displays pictures, videos it allows you to interact with the computer. It is just like your televison at home or you tablet or your phone or anything with a screen. The monitor is basically another name for a screen.


The CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. This is basically the brain of the computer. It is also called the processor. There are differnt types of CPU's some of them are called intel core for macbook pro there are a few one is called the A6 chip which is very fast. Also without the CPU the computer has basically no brain whatsoever meaning nothing can be done with the computer.


The ram is the part of the computer system which makes your computer faster and you get a better outcome.