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Snowtastic Christmas Concerts

Concerts will take place the evenings of December 15-18, from Grade Three to Kindergarten respectively. (Dates have been entered into the JS Staff Calendar.) Dress rehearsals will take place during the afternoon of the same day as the concert. Each concert will take about 40 minutes. For grades one, two and three, teachers need to select one performance to rehearse with their classes (eg., poem, dance, song).

Thanks for getting your timetables done...

I have shared the folder, so everyone has access to the schedules.
Did you know our school council did some work in the green space? They have further plans for introducing more natural products to the playground areas. Looks great!!
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In case you are wondering about the coffee maker...

It just needed de-scaling, at a cost of $73.00, so it's back and ready to use again. A new one would have cost us $300.00-$400.00, so three cheers for Apple Teddy!

Staff Room Clean Up

Barb has posted a calendar in the staff room for September. Thanks for looking after things this week, Donna!

Art Gallery

Please remember to send your students' artwork to Karen for her to copy and display in one of the hallways. Thanks so much for doing this, Karen. It's above and beyond!

SLA's for all grade threes are schedule for October 2, 2014:

If you want a thorough understanding of the SLA's, here is a downloadable pdf from Alberta Education.

Message from Mark McWhinnie - September 17th iOS update...

Please assist us by using our shared resources wisely. If all of us were to update our iPads and iPhones to iOS 8, on the same day or during the same week while at school, it would cause significant delays of bandwidth due the intense size of these updates. Obviously, this would frustrate purposeful use of educational resources during the school day.

Tech Services will monitor daily stats of wireless consumption and in particular, any iOS updates over the next few weeks (since we can tell which users and schools are online to any given web resource on our network). Any unusually large consumption at a given school location will be noted and followed up on.

Share the Digital Highway Responsibly!

This is just one of those things we all share and we all need to be conscious of. Encourage these updates to be done at home on personal devices or later in the day at school when our usage is not required for instruction. Thanks for your help!

Attendance cut-off times:

Please have morning attendance done by 8:50 and afternoon attendance done by 12:30.

Notes from McQ!

  • Let Marlene know if you have 3 to 5 students who work out extra hard during HERO time. She will pick a few to help her make HERO videos in the gym some days at 11:40.
  • Oct 6-10 is Walk to School Week, so the school will be walking after the last recess on Thursday, October 9. Families can be invited to join in for the walk.
  • The Healthy School Committee needs more members. The focus is on increasing awareness around nutrition, fitness and social skills.
  • Grade Three students will be invited to apply for the PEP squad. Marlene will send home letters to those who express an interest in applying.
  • Grade 2 soccer will take place the week of October 2 to 9.

If You Want to Use Breeze to Set Up Parent Contact Times...

If you are considering using Breeze for Parent-Teacher Interview bookings online, please be sure to let Somers know, so she can send a workorder in listing the dates you plan to use this service. There is some set-up required ahead of time, and Tech Services will support you with this, but they need to know some dates in advance. Thanks.

This article has excellent ideas for your parent contact nights.