by: Chris Gonzalez, and Lexi Brumback


it is when people fish too much fish and the fish are not able to reproduce leading to low biomass levels

Overfishing - The consequences

overfishing effects

in this article it says that overfishing has started back in 1989 when 90 million catch were take out of the ocean and that the fish industry will collapse by 2048 because of all the overfishing

overfishing why is it a problem

in this article it says that all the stocks are not doing so well 52% over stocks is fully exploited, 20% is moderately exploited, 17% is over exploited, 7% is depleted, and only 1% is recovering from depletion. we are also going to lose a valuable food source if they don't stop overfishing and fish stocks will be removed within 25 years