3D Printer For Home

3D Printer For Home

3D Printer For Home

Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers for home and small office. It is a type of computer printer which creates digital images by spraying thousands of tiny droplets of ink through a microscopic nozzle onto the paper to leave dots to create text and images. These dots are extremely small and are thinner than the diameter of a human hair. Initially inkjet printers were manufactured for home use.They were slow performers when compared to other machines like laser printer.

But the availability of advanced hardware and ink has made it worth considering for commercial use also. Nowadays there are models that are fast enough to meet an office's demands.Most inkjet-printers are meant and are designed for printing low volumes. Hence they are best suited for personal purposes.

They work extremely well for low demands like printing text documents, graphics and also colour on occasional basis. Very precisely positioned dots give high resolution images. Dots with a combination of different colors together can create good quality photos. Inkjet printers can also give good quality graphics that can satisfy a graphic artist. So printing your own photos for home decoration, party invitations, power point handouts etc. are possible with an inkjet printer.

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However inkjets cannot print documents with crisp and clean edges. Hence for printing a resume or a business letter you might want to use a laser printer. An inkjet meant for office use will also do a decent job, but better go for a laser, because ink used for inkjets will smear the image if you use a highlighter or if something is spilled on them. If your requirement is nothing more than a basic printer that can do a reasonable quality printing, then an inkjet printer is a good choice.

Initial cost of buying an inkjet printer is low. But keep in mind that the ink cartridges used in it are very expensive and do not last long. You have an option of filling the cartridge yourself or getting a refurbished one from a computer supplies store. But one might want to think twice before doing that, because this can damage the printer.Using inks that are not approved by the manufacturer will also void the warranty. Hence it is always better to use a refill kit made for the printer model that you own.

Good maintenance is a must for a long life with good quality printing. Replacing the ink tanks, checking the nozzles, cleaning and aligning the print heads, clearing the paper jams, dusting the outer body of the printer etc. are few things to be taken care. It is always better to follow the instructions given in the user manual. Do not use solvents or other cleaners while cleaning the printer. Most importantly get the correct refill cartridge. Make a note of the model number before you order them.

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