By Garry Locust

What is P.R.I.D.E.

P - Prepared /make (something) ready for use or consideration.

R - Respectful /feeling or showing deference and respect.

I - Intentional /done on purpose; deliberate.

D -Diligent /having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.

E - Engaged / Demonstrating positive interests.

Stick with the program!!

This P.R.I.D.E program is designed to make students more successful and productive about their school and lives.

"You Can't Hide Your Blue Devil Pride"



°Attend class on a daily basis

°Be on time

°Have materials for class, sports, etc.

°Ask for help

°Know where you're going


°Follow adult directions

°Keep hands to yourself

°Don't steal

°Follow dress code

°Use technology appropriately

°Appropriate tone, language and volume


°Participate in classroom activities

°Turn in assignments on time

°Know your goals

°Show your appreciation

°Use school resources (BOOST/TARGET/Tutoring)

°Keep cafeteria, restrooms and hallways clean


°Be present and on time

°Work hard

°Pay attention in class

°Be aware of your grades

°Act on your purpose

°Beat the bell


°Inquire and actively participate in class

°Help and support classmates

°Be mentally present

°Communicate effectively with adult and peers

°Make everyone feel welcome at MHS