invasive species

how might the world look like with no invasive species

how can we get rid of them?

the real question is how can we get rid of invasive species? that's the question we need to think of because in order to know what the world would look with no invasive species we must get rid of them. the scientist have sounded the alarm about these pests.

what we can do?

to stop the invasive species we can...

1. when you go camping don't transport fire wood because you can take the invasive species with you

2. when fishing don't empty your bait bucket on near waters (its against the law)

3. when traveling don't take plants across the borders

4. if you have a pet fish that is no longer wanted DON'T release it into the wild or the toilet put it in the garbage

5. also when traveling don't take seeds or fruit across borders it takes invasive species with you

if you do all these things then one you aren't take any care of our environment and two some of these things are against the law.

pictures of some of the things we can do

πŸ‰πŸŠπŸDon't bring foodπŸ‰πŸŠπŸ

Before you go traveling make sure that you don't bring food with you because you can take invasive species with you witch means that you are getting rid of them but you are also giving them to a differnt part of the world,and the will eventually come back by other people bringing food here.