BHA Update


No School Monday

We welcome our students back to the second week of school after a relaxing 3-day weekend, insha'Allah. We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

Qur'an & Islamic Studies Contests

Once again, we are having our annual Qur'an and Islamic Studies Contests. This is a great opportunity for families to study with their children and experience the closeness that comes from working together. We hope all of our families will participate by helping our BHA students prepare.

  • Islamic Studies Finals: Wednesday, Sept. 7th

  • Qur’an Contest Finals: Friday, Sept. 9th

Student Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders

AG Campus Dropoff: Starting 7:45 AM

  • If you are early and the gate is not open, please parallel park on Fontaine Street until 7:45 AM. Then you may walk your child to the gate or turn around and drive in. Parents are requested to not park in front of the gate as it blocks access for staff.

  • Middle school and high school students are dropped off in the front parking lot while 4th and 5th graders are dropped off in the back, near the field.

For After School Pick-Up, we need everyone to:

  • be mindful of the traffic laws; stop at the STOP sign.

  • not block the intersection of Princess View Drive and Fontaine Street at any time!

  • drive to the back of the school, into the field to turn, and then pull up along the fence if all parking spots in the front are taken.

  • do NOT use the front parking area to make a U-turn; it is a safety hazard and blocks the traffic behind you.

  • follow instructions from the security guard.

  • remind your students to come out quickly after school and look for you so that you are not holding up traffic waiting for you children.

Jazakum Allahu khairan for your continued support and cooperation as we adapt to our growing and changing population, alhamdulillah!!

Bus Reminders

  • If your student is not going to ride the bus on any day, be sure to email both CC and AG offices.

  • In addition, inform your student; they should not need to come to the office and call their parents to find out if they’re going on the bus or not. It will be allowed only in case of emergencies.

Uniform Update and Hot Weather Accommodations

AG Campus:

Thank you to all students who have been wearing the uniform correctly, regular and PE, as well as following the correct hot weather guidelines which will remain in place all week.

In addition, Friday felt very special and festive seeing students “Dressing up for Jumaa.

Some areas of improvement that are needed:

  • Hoodies should not be worn to school.

  • All clothing should be without pictures, writing, or images.

  • Hijabs:

    • Girls should be wearing the pre-sewn (or instant scarf) model or having a safety pin/magnet securing under the neck to ensure that the neck is not showing.

    • In addition, under pieces are required so that scarves stay on and cover the hair completely.

    • Scarves secured well under the neck, however, may eliminate the need for the underpiece.

The high school girls’ uniform should be ready soon, insha’Allah. In the meantime, they are:

  • wearing shirts that come below their thighs.

  • wearing loose pants (the uniform pants should already have been ordered and will be expected to be worn when the top is ready).

Follow through - to begin this week.

  • Messages will be sent home through Jupiter Ed rather than telling students and making them feel uncomfortable all day.

CC Campus:

Non-uniform week

AG Campus Hot lunch Menu

Tuesday 09/07: Falafel Sandwich - $5.00 / Half-Sandwich - $3.00

Thursday 09/09: Hamburger Sandwich and Chips - $6.00

Exact change is necessary because the school may not have change.

No IOUs can be accepted for lunches or snacks.

AC Replacement at AG Campus

Air conditioners are being replaced this weekend in Rooms 2 and 6 for middle and high school. In addition, an AC with a larger capacity is being installed in Room 10 for 5th grade.

Medication Authorization Form to Self-administer Medicines at School

A new authorization form is required every school year, along with medications checked and replaced by the parent. Any students who need medicines and inhalers kept at school should submit the authorization form and current medications as soon as possible.

4th and 5th grade parents will need to submit the form to the AG office.

Congratulations to Our AP Scholars!

Congratulations to our students who have earned Advanced Placement Scholar Awards for 2022:

--Ayat Alwazir (AP Exams Average Score 4)

--Solaiman Alwazir (AP Exams Average Score 4)

--Mohamed Ibrahim Khan (AP Exams Average Score 4)

This award is granted by the College Board to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

2022 Students Who Passed AP Exams

Amiira Ali - AP English Language

Ibrahim Khan - AP English Language

Zalkifl Zahir - Computer Science Principles

Adam Abdulkadir - Computer Science Principles

Muhammad Abuoelkhir - Computer Science Principles

Ayat Alwazir - AP Psychology

Issa Alwazir - AP Psychology

Solaiman Alwazir - AP Psychology

Ibrahim Khan - AP Psychology

12th grade College Application Workshops

Tuesday - Thursday @ 2:10 pm

New UC and College Board Accredited Courses

BHA continues to add courses to its high school accreditation list:

AP Physics

AP Government

AP English Literature

Honors Business and Finance

Honors Advanced Robotics

CTE Digital Design and Multimedia

Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Academic Counseling

Our goal is to support the academic success of all students. For questions, concerns, or appointments, email the academic counselor, Ms. Najwan at:

  • Available to all students, 6th-12th
  • Before and after school
  • During lunch

New High School Scholarship Opportunities

Extracurricular and Clubs at AG Campus

We are excited to announce the inauguration of Extracurricular Activities at AG Campus!

Extracurricular activities are viewed as an important component of a well-rounded education because they give students a way to reinforce what they learn in the classroom and apply their skills in real-world contexts.

To find out more about the clubs and extracurricular activities available during the fall semester, click the button below.

Basketball Boys' and Girls' Teams, 8th-12th

Practice Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time: 3:00 - 4:30

League: Sol San Diego

Boys’ Coach: Khaled Niazi

Girls’ Coach: Isra Daineh

Registration Link Below

New Clubs/Programs Proposal

Interested in starting and running a new club or program at BHA?

Parents are welcome to submit a new club or program proposal using the button below:

ACH Form Reminder

BHA is offering ACH direct deposit for tuition payments. Kindly fill this form to authorize Bright Horizon Academy/Islamic School of San Diego to debit your account for tuition payments. Also send a voided check via email at You may drop the form and check at the Clairemont or Allied Gardens Campus office.

For questions, email

COVID Update

Our school remains committed to the health and safety of all students and staff, following the SDCOE guidelines for K-12 schools in our decisions and policies. Please see the key points below:

Face Masks - Face masks are not required but are strongly recommended for all staff and students indoors. Students are to bring their own masks from home if they choose to wear one and carry extras in their backpack (in a ziploc bag) in case they get wet or damaged.

Covid Testing in School - We will continue to offer in-school rapid antigen testing for students that register for it.

Parents of returning students received an email from Primary Health on August 15th to sign the consent for their child again this year. You may search for the email with the subject “Complete consent for COVID-19 test” to find the unique link created for each participant and sign the consent. Please don’t share this link with others!

Registration Link for NEW students and staff can be found here.

Staying Home When Not Feeling Well - Please keep your student home if they show flu-like symptoms or were exposed to someone with COVID-19. A student who had fever should wait 24 hours after the fever has resolved without any fever-reducing medication before they return to school!

Quarantine and Isolation - Guidelines can be found on the SDCOE decision tree; parents are requested to consult it as the need arises.

Covid-19 decision tree for K-12 schools.

Finance Office Hours:

Monday and Tuesday 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM at CC or email at

Office Hours

  • AG Campus: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday; 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Friday. Email at:

  • CC Campus: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday; 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Friday. or Email at: