Hundred Days Offensive

Information On The Hundred Days Offensive Wars:

By, Isaiah Cleveland and Brycen Pentecost

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The battle of The Hundred Days Offensive was actually a series of 4 battles that were fought over a hundred days, the charge started with The Battle of Amiens, and ends with The Hindenburg Line. By the end, the Allied Force had won the War.

The Battle of Amiens. August 8, 1918. Pitcardy, France.

On August 8, 1918, "The Allied Forces" had begun . The Allied Army was a medley of British, Australian, French, and Canadian troops. Capitalizing the advantage of a surprise attack, the Allied gained over fifteen miles of inroad between the enemy lines. Over 17,000 Germans were taken prisoner and the Germans recorded over 30,000 casualties. The Allied forces lost over 6,500 men. The offensive ended with a retreat of the Central troops toward the Hindenburg Line.

Second Battle of the Somme. August 15, 1918. Departements, France.

August 15, 1918. The allied forces deiced that they would launch another attack on the Germans. The Allied forces were able to push the Germans 34 miles. It is estimated that over 605,500 people were in this battle.

Advance to the Hindenburg Line. Advance Began On August 32, 1918. France.

With new guns and ammo, the Allied forces led yet another charge against the German Force. About 7 miles was gained by the Allied Forces and it is estimated that 240,598 people died in this battle.

Battles of the Hindenburg Line - Battle of Chesne. November 1, 1918. Argonne Frost, France.

This was the last battle of the Hundred Days Offensive. This was the battle that ended WW1. Over 215,000 people died in this battle.
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Hundred Days Offensive 1-4

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