Visiting the Caucasus: Georgia

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What is there to do in Georgia?

With sublimely perched old churches, watchtowers and castles dotting its fantastic mountain scenery, Georgia has to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth. This is a place where (except in the drabber, Soviet-built sectors of some towns) the human hand has much enhanced that of nature. Finally putting post-Soviet internal strife and economic stagnation behind it, Georgia is now developing its tourism potential and making the full range of its attractions safely and readily accessible to travelers. Appealing accommodation for all budgets is becoming available across the country and opportunities for exploring by foot, horse or vehicle are expanding fast.

Georgia's Climate and Economic Activity

Georgia sits between the Caucasus Mountains on the north and the Lesser Caucasus to the south. The nation of Georgia is on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. Georgia is mostly mountains.

Georgia has hot summers with mild winters, particularly in the southwest. Low temperatures are common in alpine areas. The heaviest rainfall exists in the subtropical southwest. The best time to visit Georgia is in early-summer (May and June) and early-autumn (September), when temperatures are mild without the humidity and heat associated with July and August.

In the eastern part of the country, the climate is more continental. The summers are hot and the winters are cold with less moisture. This is good for farm production.

Georgia's economy has improved in the mid-1990's Agriculture and machinery manufacturing are key factors in the progress of Georgia. Developing energy industries for the extraction of coal, petroleum, and natural gas has helped the economy. The construction of an oil pipeline has promising greater foreign investment.

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Georgia's Culture

There are approximately 5 million people that live in Georgia. 70% of those people are descendants of ethnic Georgians who have lived there more than 2,500 years. They have a distinctive language and culture despite what the surrounding people have done.

You Will Love Georgia

Georgia is blessed with stunning scenery, a balmy climate and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Enclosed high valleys, wide basins, health spas with famous mineral waters, caves and waterfalls combine in this land of varied landscapes and striking beauty.

By: Andrew Mayden