The Roar by Emma Clayton

Alicia Stenzel


My character that I am doing is Ellie. I chose Ellie to do because she is one of the main characters in the book. Ellie gets kidnapped by Mal Gorman so she can train to fight in wars against the secret behind the wall.

My impression of Ellie

My first impression of Ellie was that she is independent and responsible. This was my first impression because in the novel she can fly a plane and she protects her twin brother mika because their parents are not there.

3 people/things Ellie would bring with her on vacation

Have a good time!

Why did you pick Ellie?

I chose Ellie for this project because I thought that she has so much to tell about her. She has such a crazy and interesting story about her. Ellie has a twin brother, she may or may not have parents, she's a pilot, and just awesome!