Come to Colonial Georgia!

Founded by James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe founded Georgia to be a place of refuge for the poor and persecuted people of England. King George II settled the Georgia Colony in 1732.

Georgia Day

Saturday, Feb. 12th 1735 at 9pm

Yamacraw Bluff, Savannah, GA, United States

Savannah, GA

Come celebrate Georgia Day! We'll have food, games, music, and fun all at the beautiful Yamacraw Bluff. A great day for family fun.

Why settle in the Georgia Colony?

This colony was specifically created as a place that accepts all types people. So come as you are, you are welcome!

Religion, Government, Trade, and Economy

Religion: All religions are accepted accept Catholicism.

Government: The government is run by trustees, who decipher what laws are or are not passed. The King of England approves who becomes governor.

Trade: The Georgia Colony is famous for trades of rice, indigo, wheat, corn, and peas.

Economy: Our economy is full of important resources (mentioned in trade^) for making products including indigo clothing and dyes, pork, pottery, clay, and lumber.

People of recognition

The Georgia Colony is very grateful to these men for contributing so much to us: Thomas Bosomworth, the colony chaplain; James Oglethorpe, who founded colonial Georgia; and King George II, who settled the colony.