The Excretory System

Learn about the functions of the excretory system!

Basic Functions

  1. Collects water and distribute bodily fluids.
  2. Remove and fixate waste from bodily fluids and distribute other substances to bodily fluids as necessary for homeostasis.
  3. Remove excretory products.
On a hot day, you may tend to sweat a lot, urinate less, and maybe your urine is also darker. This is because when you sweat you are also losing lots of water, and your body is trying to cool you down while perserving water for your vital organs. Your kidneys are the organs that regulate how much water you loose when you urinate and they are the most important organs of the excretory system.

The other organs.

So the body can maintain homeostasis, it uses the process excretion. Which is the removal of wastes and extra water from the body. Other organs, along with the kidney remove waste from the body and they are the large intestine, liver, skin and lungs. The large intensive removes solid wastes, after the digestive process of breaking down food, the liver removes toxins, the skin sheds off water through sweat and the lungs exhale water vapor.

The Urinary System

The excretory system and urinary system although very similar, remove different forms of waste. The urinary system's main job is to filter waste in the blood, and then remove them from the body.

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