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NEWSLETTER | TERM 3 | WEEK 4 | 13 August 2021

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Message from Geordie

Hi Families,

What an awesome week we have had here at St Bernie’s. My waistline has been impacted by the Year 6 MKR challenge this week, with students creating culinary masterpieces for us to enjoy (and critique). 25 of our Year 6 students also participated in the Interschool League Tag this week and by all accounts it was a heap of fun! Congratulations to our Pre-Primary Red class this morning who performed their Very Hungry Caterpillar Assembly. This was another highly engaging and very CUTE affair, so thanks to Miss D’Ulisse and the rest of the PP crew for their preparation!

This week we had the School Advisory Council Meeting on Wednesday night where we discussed the progress of our Strategic Plan. I would like to that all parents who took the time to give their feedback and ideas to the process and we are now well on the way to having a draft document written. This should be workshopped and then completed by the AGM on the 1st December. We also had our P&F meeting this morning that was well attended, especially when we do have quite a number of sick parents and students at the moment! I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Mrs Elsa Galvin, outgoing P&F Treasurer for her hard work and dedication to our school. Elsa has done a lot of work keeping the P&F finances in order and it was a lovely farewell for her today.

Next week is Week 5 which is Wellness Week here at St Bernie’s. This is a week to try and remove all the extra meetings, focus on teaching and learning and importantly (according to our students), there will be no homework! Teachers are encouraged to spend some time with their buddy classes, add a few extra wellness activities into their day and then encourage students to go home and relax after school. I hope some of our parents might be able to chill out too – perhaps some of the Year 6’s will cook dinner after their MKR Challenge success! As Mrs Murphy said at the assembly today, next week is also Science Week and our students will be involved in a variety of learning opportunities next week, including a Science Incursion.

That is it from me, I have my first cycling road race this weekend and I am looking forward to some sunshine. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend for students (Pupil Free Day on Monday) and we will see you all here on Tuesday.

Geordie Thuijs

Year 1 Rainbow Serpent

We all painted a panel of calico with Aboriginal designs, which Mrs Crawford then sewed all together to make our class Rainbow Serpent!
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Call out for Cross Country Helpers

This is a little extra shout out to say thank you to our volunteers who have already signed up for our Cross Country Carnival in week 7. However, as it is creeping up we still need about half a dozen more parent volunteers for spotting and tent duties on the day. The carnival date is Friday 3rd September. If you are interested please let the office know in person or by email.

Year 4 Retreat to the Schoenstatt Shrine

This term in Religious Education our topic is Eucharist. Our students will also be making their First Holy Communion.

To enhance our curriculum and to prepare for this wonderful Sacrament of First Holy Communion our Year 4 students went on a retreat to the Schoenstatt Shrine, led by Sister Lisette.

It was a day all about going to a quiet place away from our normal routines and having time to learn, pray and reflect. The children had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Raising funds for our chickens

During next week we are selling wheat bags and lip balms which have been hand crafted by parents, staff and students.

Large Wheat bags -$7 Medium Wheat Bags - $5.

Lip Balms$3 for one pot or buy more than one for $2.50 each.

Please support this initiative and pop down to the Library and have a look, Barbara and her girls will be most appreciative!!

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Frustration Tolerance

Letting kids experience frustration in small doses helps them learn to cope with it better in the future. It’s true! Research tells us that children’s frustration tolerance can actually be improved by exposing them to little bits of frustration.

This is not a punishment. By building up a child's frustration tolerance they get used to that feeling and it becomes not so distressing over time.

This means they will be less likely to give up when things get hard.

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Community News

The Greatest Shave - Raising Money for the Leukemia Foundation.

I decided about a month ago to cut my hair. My uncle was also cutting his hair too so we both decided to donate our hair to a charity that makes wig for kids with cancer who have lost their hair. I also raised money for the Leukemia Foundation. So far I have raised $814.00. I feel very good about helping other kids. Please feel free to donate if you wish!

Taj E Year 5R

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Happy International 'Lefties' day from Year 2 Blue!

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Things to look out for in Week 5

Pupil Free Day Monday 16/8/2021

Science Week - classroom activities & food design competition

Dance Troupe 3 - 5.00pm - Wednesday

Cross Country Training 3 - 3.40pm - Thursday

Performing Arts - Friday afternoon/evening

School Term Dates 2021

Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

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Pupil Free Dates 2021

Monday 16/08/2021

Friday 24/09/2021

Live School Calendar 2021