Jackie Robinson: Changing Rights

by: Jenna Tangires and Evelyn Naumov

Who is Jackie Robinson?

Jackie was the first black baseball player to play for the major leagues. Jackie was born January 31st, in 1919 while playing in the major leagues. Jackie went through loads of hate and discrimination. Jackie later died October 24th, in 1972. It was considered that he proved racial discrimination wrong and persevered to make a change.

Ways Jackie Robinson overcame problems and how we can approach them today

  1. We need stand up against it together as a county so that things will change. Jackie Robinson stood up toward all the people who didn't believe in him and with the help of a few people who belied in him and he changed many minds.

  2. People can ignore the rude comments and stay confident in themselves instead of putting others above them, the same way that Jackie Robinson turned the other cheek.

  3. Before you say a racial comment or if you're thinking of saying it, think of what it feels like to be in their shoes.

  4. Peacefully protest! stand up for what you believe is right. DON'T GET YOURSELF ARRESTED***

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