A man was cached giving girls food

Uncle Ernest

This morning the police cached Uncle Ernest for give food to two strange little girls, it seems like he has been doing it for months! We talked to Ernest and he told us his story.

Uncle Ernest was a lonely middle aged man who had no family. He always wore a dirty raincoat and he needed to shave and wash his face.. He liked to go to pubs and drink. He was very lonely and did everything by him self, like go and eat at restaurants. He ate every meal at the restaurant. One day there came two little girls into the restaurant. He was a good hearted man so he decided to pay for their meal, they got to know each other and started to become friends. So the two little girls started to come to the restaurant everyday, they ate, he paid for their food and they became good friends. Then one day when Ernest came to the restaurant to give the girls to eat the police was there. The police said to Ernest that he had to stop paying for the girls food. Because he did not know them. Ernest then told the police that they were friends, he and the girls. He got very sad.

This is the story about Uncle Ernest who was just trying to be nice.

Hafrún, Eygló, Bergrós, Magnús og Rizza