Bethany Hamilton

Casey Walters


Bethany Hamilton is a amazing surfer. She was born in Kauai, Hawaii and started surfing at a young age. When she was 8 years old, she entered her first state-wide competition and won. She loved to surf and became the runner-up at the 2003 US National Championships. Bethany's life changed the same year on Halloween. While surfing on Kauai's North Beach, 13-year-old Bethany was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark. She lost her left arm and thought her career was over. She referred to that day as "her own tsunami". Bethany lost almost 60% of her blood and had to get several operations. Throughout it all she kept a positive outlook and kept her eyes on God. She says that Joshua 1:9 helped her get through this tough time. By January 2004 she placed 5th in the Open Women's division and didn't stop. She continued to work and finally won her first national title in 2005. Bethany finally realized what she wanted an became a pro-surfer. Ever since 2007, Bethany has competed with the best surfers all over the globe and continues to keep being a role model for young boys and girls everywhere.

I think that if I can help other people find hope in God, then that is worth losing my arm for. -Bethany Hamilton

Spreading the hope...

As many may know the movie, Soul Surfer, is about Bethany and her family overcoming the attack. Hamilton has written books and devotionals and has started her own foundation, Friends of Bethany. The foundation focuses on helping others who have been attacked by sharks or had other traumatic experiences that resulted in the loss of a limb.