Visit Earth!

The Goldilocks Planet! Where life is very fragile...

Brief History

Earth is barely 4.543 billion years. This planet only developed life about 4.5 billion years ago. Almost 2,000 years ago a life form called homo-sapiens began to evolve. Since then, these life forms have evolved to create special technology that utilizes all the natural resources the planet offers them.


Earth has a total area of 196.9 million mi² and only has one moon that the homo-sapiens cleverly names "Moon". These homo-sapiens have also defined the water of earth into 4 "ocean" and the land of the earth into 7 "continents". Earth is a great place to see Venus without having to deal with all of the heat!

Other Information

Earth has 4 seasons which are caused by the Earth's tilted axis (at about 23.5 degrees). The rotation of the Earth is 24 hours and the revolution is about 365.25 days. The energy of the Earth comes from the Sun. The Sun produces energy by nuclear fusion or hydrogen and helium. Gravity is the reason for the formation of the solar system and it causes the celestial bodies in it to become spherical. A light year is the time it takes light to travel one Earth year.

On your Visit...

The natural environments of Earth are beautiful especially in rural areas of deciduous forest regions. Beware though of the life forms on this planet. Some are harmless but others are viscous. If you do go to a forest biome, bring bug repellant to avoid annoying life forms.

Visit Earth!

Earth is a planet unlike most others in the galaxy because of it's Goldilocks conditions. The life forms on this planet are interesting in their behaviors. They are actively trying to reach out to other life forms in the universe.