Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

All there is to know about OCD

What Kind of Disorder is OCD and What is its Definition?

OCD is an anxiety disorder that results in you becoming obsessed with repetitive behaviors. A person with OCD may not realize that their obsession or compulsion is a problem.
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What are the causes and symptoms of OCD?

The reason people with OCD may preform these acts is to alleviate stress. For example, if a person stresses about germs they may wash their hands 30+ times a day until they feel satisfied. If they fail to preform this task they will undergo large amounts of stress and/or anxiety. There are enviormental and biological causes.

Some symptoms of OCD is wanting everything to be orderly, fear of anything being unclean, constantly checking, washing, cleaning, counting, following a very strict routine and washing your hands until your skin becomes raw. There are many more symptoms but these are just some of the few.

Treatments of OCD

Some treatments that people may use for people with OCD is medications and psychotherapy. These treatments may not cure the OCD but it can help maintain and control it.


  • Every year there is about 3.3 million people ranging from 18-54 who are diagnosed with OCD.
  • Howie Mandel, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake are some celebrities that have OCD.
  • Can happen equally between men and women.
  • OCD can affect people of any age.
  • People with OCD try very hard to hide the fact they have OCD.


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