By Lucas cabrera


On of the character in the story is Peter and a symbol of him is Moshe that is his cat. The cat was kind of like Peter wasn't loud just kept to himself, stayed in one place most the time. Peter connected with Moshe he knew how much food he needed, he knew that he liked to be left alone. Moshe only liked Peter really Moshe was comfortable will Peter.


In The Dairy of Anne Frank the Frank's showed faith through the story here is an example Anne sang songs with here sister on Hanukkah even though their religion was being destroyed by nazis if you were a Jew and a nazi saw you they would arrest you or kill you. While Anne was singing Hanukkah songs with her sister a thief broke into the store below. The Frank's got upset and worried because they didn't want to live like they were living if got pretty loud everyone was talking and scared of the theif because he might tell the police about them but mr.Frank told them to not worry(406).He had faith it seemed like he never lost hope he was always the leader of the group. Anne also showed faith she would always talk about becoming a writer when she got out of the annex.She would talk about what her life was going to be like after the war was over. She never thought about going to contraction or extermination camps or gas chambers. She just though positive and going back to her old life with her old friends that is how the franks showed faith through out the story.