Bree Bowman

Ellis Island

Ellis Island opened in 1892 it was a federal Immigration station. Many new immigrants passed through the station, many US citizens can trace back some ancestors to the Ellis Island. Ellis Island is located in New York Bay. It was the nations busiest immigration station from "1892 to 1954".

Pendleton Act

Federal law started in 1883 that says that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit. The act gave selection of government employees by competitive exams. The law applied to federal government jobs, not to the state and local jobs. The Pendleton Act was signed by President Chester A. Arthur in January 1883, which reformed the federal government’s civil service system.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Jackson was a American poet and writer. She was a Native American rights activist. Arther of the book Ramona which dramatized how the government mistreated Native Americans in California, after the Mexican–American War. This book caught the tension of a lot of people and was believed to be reprinted over 300 times.

Morrill Act

The Morrill Act of 1862 was also known as the Land Grant College Act. It was a boost to higher education in America. It was set up to bring institutions is each state that would educate people in agriculture, home economics, mechanical arts.. The land-grant act was introduced by a congressman from Vermont named Justin Smith Morrill.