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Jasmine Valle

About the region.

South Texas is a region of the U.S. state of Texas that lies roughly south of and including San Antonio. The southern and western boundary is the Rio Grande, and to the east it is the Gulf of Mexico. The population of this region is about 4.65 million according to the 2012 census estimates.[1] The southern portion of this region is often referred to as the Rio Grande Valley. The eastern portion along the Gulf of Mexico is also referred to as the Coastal Bend,

The Outdoors.


Want fun?

This is a great place to explore here. We have so many monuments, parks, ranches and many more places. We have great restaurants here. You could come swimming in one of our lakes here. You could explore the outdoors with one of our tour guides. We have very many fun activities here. Swimming, exploring, fishing, hunting, bird watching, and visiting zoos. Explore the link above and find out more fun stuff about this ecoregion now!

We are South Texas Brush Country.

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