"You Can't Fly Unless You Let Yourself" ♪♫♥

Believe ♥

Justin Bieber became famous at the age of 15. His parents knew he had some talent in him since he was 2 years old when he learned to play the drums. He was inspired by his friends Chaz, Ryan and Chris. His family also supported him once he knew that's what he wanted to do for a living. He would play in front of the Avon Theater in Stratford Ontario. His videos were soon uploaded to Youtube and he reached many many subscribers. Scooter Braun is Justin Bieber's manager and it's because of him, Justin Bieber is where he is now. Scooter Braun saw Justin's videos and he knew that that "kid" had some talent in him and tried to reach him by leaving comments and wondering "Who Is this kid?"

Background Information About Justin ♥

He was born On March 1st, 1994 at 12;56 am on a Tuesday. His hometown is Stratford Ontario in Canada. His parents Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette split up when he was 2 years old so he really didn't live with his dad.

Justin Bieber's First Album

His Family

After Justin Bieber's parents split up, his Dad Jeremy Bieber met up with a different woman and soon Justin had 2 step brothers which were a Step Brother Jaxon Bieber and Jazmyn Bieber ♥