Mo'ne Davis

By: Karina Borquez Period 6

Early Life

Mo'ne Davis was born in South Philadelphia. Her parents are Lamar Davis and Lakeisha McLean, She has 2 brothers Quran Davis, Maurice Boykin, and 1 sister Mahogany Williams. Her other interest are Basketball and Soccer

How She Is Seen As influential

She is seen as an influence for girls wanting to play baseball but is afraid of being rejected. Ever since pitching her shutout during the little league world series she has went public about being a girl playing on a baseball team. she is famous for throwing a 70 mile per hour fastball, during an interview with CBS she was asked about her fastball and she said that's what it means to "throw like a girl"


  • Associated Press' Female Athlete of the Year award.
  • Cover of Sports Illustrated
  • Played in the 2015 NBA all star basketball game
  • she became the first active Little Leaguer to ever grace the front of the magazine


She is seen as a hero for little girls wanting to play baseball. Her teammates call her The Hero of the Little League World Series she pitched 2 shutout games led the team to the championship game. She said she doesn't want to be the only girl to play the game of baseball and make it to the championship.