element number eight

facts of suspect

Wanted for: being used too much. Oxygen is used by every living thing on earth; source of life.

birth/name: from Greek word "oxy genes", meaning "acid" (sharp), and "forming" (acid former). Goes by: Oxygen

Chemical symbol: O

Color: clear

Atomic mass: 15.9994

Nonmetal or metal: nonmetal

Appearance at room temp: cannot be seen

Arrested by: Carl Wilhelm Scheele, discovered: Oxygen, Molybdenum, Barium, and Chlorine

first arrest: 1774 in England

Family name: Oxygen group

element is found in earth: everywhere

relations (some): oxygen + helium = repel

oxygen + iron = rust

oxygen + barium = ignition in engines

oxygen + 2 hydrogen = water

pure form: safe



~ all rocks (nearly) have O

~ 8 electrons

~ present in upper and lower atmosphere

~ Oxidation occurs when food is left out

~ air = nitrogen + oxygen

~ first element in group 16



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