by: Grant Nagel


On Dec. 22, there was a drug store that was robbed by two young black men. But what they didn't know is that the own Nesbitt was armored. James King was fighting Mr. Nesbitt and Mr. Nesbitt took out his gun and James King took his gun and “accidentally” shot him and they took the money and some packs of cigarettes and then they left and there was an employee in the back and he came out after the gun shot and saw that Mr. Nesbitt has been shot and so he called the cops. The cops arrested 3 people, James King, Richard (bobo) Evans, Steve Harmon. After they arrested Steve they took him to the prison and he didn't know what to think about it but after he got his clothes and get too his cell he looked out the window and saw his parents and other people walking up and down his streets and that's what he would do when he is in his cell. The next morning Steve met with his attorney Kathy O'Brien and he got all dressed up and got into a van to bring him down to the court house. He met with Kathy and she told him to write down stuff on the note book paper in front of him during the trial. That morning the trial started and to start off the trial the prosecutor, Sandra Petrocelli, told the judge who I believe it was Briggs , but anyways Petrocelli said “he is a monster” to the judge, and the jury, so it wasn't a very good way to start off a murder trail. They question Evans and King and they both said that they were guilty to see if that would reduce there sentence and there sentence was 25 to life without parole If they ratted out the other people that were in on it. They said that Steve Harmon was the look
out, so he walked into the stored before they robbed it to check and see if there was any cops in there and if there wasnt he would give them the sign to go in and then he left before they went in there. Both Evans and King had the same story. After they were done there had the employee up there on the stand and this retired teacher who was in there because her granddaughter was sick and she went in there to get her some medicine. When she was in there she saw those two men walking around and she thought something was suspicious so she left and later that night she saw what happened there and reported it. When she was on the stand she was asked this question “can u remember the faces you saw” she said yes and at the police station the cops should her 20-30 pictures and she saw him in one of those and then she pointed out James King as one of the robbers/murders. After the rial was over the jury decided that Steve Harmon was not guilty, Richard (bobo) Evans guilty, James King is guilty too.


There are also monsters in our communities, people who are willing to steal and to kill, people who disregard the rights of others.(pg. 21) - I think it is important because she is actually like she is trying to get the jury on her side to start off the trial by acting like Steve is a monster.

He has been found not guilty. (276) - I think this is important because at the start he was called a monster and O'Brien helped and proved he was not guilty.

Gideon's Trumpet Part 10/11

Video Explanation

I think this video would work good because we watched it in civics this year. Its about a guy getting blamed for robbing a bar, and he gets arrested and is put in a jail for a while and then he is proven innocent but he was been arrested for more then once like Steve, and James and Evan