Battle of Gonzales

Isaias, Anthony, Tory,Joely

The Purpose of the Battle of Gonzales.

In 1831, the Mexican government had loaned the cannon to Texan colonists at Gonzales to defend the colony against American Indians. In 1835, the Mexicans wanted to get the cannon, but the Texans refused and took the Mexican soldiers captive. This battle took place near Gonzales, Texas on October 2nd.

Influential People

John H. Moore and J.W.E. Wallace loaded the cannon with scrap iron, aimed at the Mexicans, and fired the shot that began the Revolution.

Importance to Texas Independence

The Texans attacked the Mexicans' camp and they fired the cannon, which was the first shot of the Texas Revolution. The battle was short and there were not many soldiers killed. All of the Texans survived. This became the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

Places to Visit

At the confluence of Guadalupe and san marcos river ,Gonzales ,at the western point.Of anglo American settlement