Digital Life

Chris Creeks Project

Morning Repitition

Every morning I wake up and take a shower, brush my teeth and get ready for school. I first wake up and eat breakfast then I take another nap till 5:30. At this time I take a shower that lasts for about 10 minutes. After that is done I get my clothes on then take another nap till 5:50. That is when I finish getting ready by brushing my teeth doing my hair and putting deodorant on then I am ready for my day at school. Then I look at my iPod to see if I got new followers.

My day at School

My day at school is very interesting and I use technology throughout the day. I first hangout with my friends in Economics. Then I chill with my dogs in my team sports class. Then I hit it up in my Lifetime activities class. I go to English right after I go to study hall and chill with Juanmar. Then I get on the phone and text my ladies

On My Bus Ride Home

On my bus ride heading home is always a good time share and communicate with your friends. My time on the bus is about forty minutes because of the freshman. I swear I don't even know half of them. To enjoy the bus you have to have friends to enjoy it with. The bus I text, talk, and have a good time.

In the Bathroom

This is a most peaceful time in a digital day too most people. It is awkward I am really social in here. I get a lot of text from my friends in this convenient area. I do a lot of things in the bathroom but ill just keep that to myself. The most important thing in this paragraph is that I'm social everywhere I go.

Going to the YMCA

This is a picture of me going to the Y and hanging with my friend Todd. I always go to the YMCA after school to play basketball. I am constantly on my smartphone until somebody dares to challenge me. I get on Instagram and rarely Facebook.

My Dining Area

I like to eat while I socialize because it makes that time so much better . I for one believe in multitasking and that it does work. Socializing is the key to a good meal. I socialize while I eat everyday and a lot of people do. I eat after I go to the YMCA because you shouldn't work out with a full stomach.

Me on my Laptop

This is me on my laptop doing what I normally do. I get on my laptop for many reasons I take pictures. When I am on my laptop I like to get on Instagram with my friends. I like to watch movies and TV on Netflix. I like Netflix but they need to work on better instant movies.

Me on my phone

I love my Samsung Galaxy lll I am constantly on it throughout the day. I text my friends and get on social websites quite often. My smartphone is awesome makes me very social and is a very positive experience. I don't know how I could live without my phone.

My workout

I work out after a long day of work. I do it to keep in shape and not get fat. I eat a lot but won't gain a pound I swear something's wrong with me. I have been nicknamed the human slinky I don't like that I guess it is because I am so skinny. All I do is play basketball at the YMCA but that is going to change. I will text my YMCA friends first. These are not mine they are my moms I can't find my dumbbells.

Time to sleep

After a long day anyone is tired I brush my teeth and take my contacts out then It is off to bed. I personally don't get a lot of sleep but it is nice while it lasts. I can't go to sleep without taking my medicine at night or I won't get any sleep it is weird.When I do get to go to sleep I just close my eyes and just let my mind wonder. If I have trouble I may socialize before I go to bed. Then a new day begins.