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Almost half of Syria's 17.5 million people live in rural areas. Syria has been a center of trade for centuries. Syria's land includes fertile coastal plains and valleys along the Mediterranean Sea.

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Casbahs are older sections of Algerian cities. They were houses for local leaders to live in and used for defense for when the city was being attacked. Casbahs had tall walls usually without windows.
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Aquifers are underground rock layer that water flows through. They are usually found in permable rock, such as sandstone, or in open cavities and caves of limestone. The biggest aquifer is the Ogallala Aquifer and it stretches from Western Texas to South Dakota.
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What languages are spoken in Syria?

Arabic is the most used language in Syria. In some parts of the country they use Kurdish. Hardly any people use nomadic languages anymore.
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What are some exports of Syria?

One of Syria's major export is crude oil. Their second biggest export is raw cotton. Last they export fruits and vegetables.
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What are some imports of Syria?

Wheat is the biggest import of Syria with 9%. Cars is the next biggest import with 6%. Followed by machinery and medicine at 4%