Mobile Apps that Supports Learning

Miaoyi (Karie) Feng

30hands Pro

30hands Pro is a fun storytelling app that allows users to creatively makeup digital stories, presentations or explain a concept. Dragging and organizing photos, videos clips or drawing into the order of the story, users can also record audios over each image. Easy editing allows users to better enhance their masterpieces. The videos can be published or uploaded to share with many others.

This would be a good mobile app for elementary kids who struggles with writing, spelling or grammar that may prevent them from expressing their ideas. Instead of asking students to hand write a weekly journal, the teacher can ask them to use this app to make a digital story to share something interesting that happened over their week and share with the class.

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ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe is a virtual whiteboard that allows you to write on the ipad with your finger and using the audio to record your voice. The tutorials can be shared online with others.

This tool can be useful in a high school math class. As a homework assignment, the teacher may ask students to show how to solve a math problem they learned in class step by step using the ShowMe whiteboard to see if students have fully understood of the lesson. After viewing the tutorials sent from all students, the teacher can see where most people make mistakes and need better clarification on.

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This app is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging games using any word lists.

In an elementary English classroom, after learning some new terms from the last classes, the teacher can simply enter a list of words using the "spelling test" to review some vocabularies students learned, and with that students can also learn how to correctly use the vocabulary in a sentence, and then ask students to come up another sentence of their own using the vocabulary.

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This app provides math missions include number sense, time, money, shapes and etc. It is a good education game in helping students practice math problems they have learned in class with much more fun as they are trying to beat their highest score in keeping up the rocket in space.

Teachers can give some time for kids to play this game at the beginning of the math class, and from all those missions or problems that they tried, come up with one they find challenging and the teacher can go through and work on the problem with the whole class.

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This is a easy-to-use studying application with materials for any class, but you can also create and share your set of cards.

This can be used in a high school biology class, teacher can have students groups, pull up the flashcards on the whiteboard and ask students to raise up their hands give answers, whoever gets the answer gets a point, the group with most points win. This is a good way to study for a test as a class.

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