Vol. 18 ~ January 23rd

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

Change doesn't come in nickels and dimes. It comes in dedication and sweat. Toni Sorenson

Four day weeks sometimes seem longer than 5 day weeks. We also weathered some difficult happenings this week. I am always so proud of the Irvin family during hard times how we pull together and pitch in where is needed. Several teachers attended Relevant Review this week and came back pumped up! Being in classrooms this week was so exciting because of the learning happening. I am very excited about the technology changes that are happening on our campus. Thanks for being patient as we save the funds! Have a great weekend!

Ring the Bell!

Robert Lathan reviewed a reading passage this week using the high yield strategy Slap Down. The conversations during the game were priceless. Even reluctant students participated! The kids had to choose the wrong answer, the best wrong answer, and finally the correct answer! Students pointed out that they could use this strategy on the STAAR test.

I was talking to kinder and 1st at pick up time the other day about the 100th day of school. A second grader from Blaire Fleeman's class walked by and said 100 days equals 3 months and 10 days! WOW!

In Christine Dobbins' class this week I was able to hear the whole class choral read. One of the sweetest sounds, however, was our student who at the beginning of the year spoke no English. He is now a reader! That's definitely a ring the bell!!!

Important Dates

January 26th
  • Science CBA

January 27th

  • 3:00-4:30 Dreambox webinar
  • Just FYI: STAAR Parent Night at admin at 6:30 for 3rd-5th graders hosted by elementary principals

January 28th

  • Cortni Henke will be here to meet with 2nd-5th grade teachers on conference

January 29th

  • Lead Teacher 3:15pm

January 30th

  • Irvin Elite Field Trip Leave at 10:30 and return around 1:00

Assessment Calendar

Cute video

Here's a cute and a very short video hopefully to make you laugh. It's called Worry About Yourself. I wonder how many times as teacher we say this. More than that I wonder how many times this little girl has heard this. Enjoy!