The Sweltering Saharan Desert

by erissa spry


It's so hot in the morning and so cold at night I landed in the Sweltering Saharan desert in Africa.It can get up to 136 degrees it's really tropical usually the temperature is from 90 to 110 degrees.It's really sand and full of sand dunes.


jacket for the freezing night, Glasses for the blazing sand storms knife or something sharp encase something attacks water to be hydrated.


There are lots of animals.... dangerous like the wild coyote and the Peregrine Falcon ones accept the Dromedary Camel. I don't barely have to walk I can ride on it's back. It's also a good food source. It's surprisingly calm and not mean. There's also many plants full of spikes...and poisonous like the Bromeliads , Pilosa ,Castilleja . I can use the Bromeliad for it's spikes to keep predators away. Unfortunately it's not edible. I'm just scared I will accidentally might prick myself with the spikes and die.....from poison