Where I come from


Have you ever wondered where your ansesters came from? Probably not but have you ever wondered what life was like for them?France is the home of my ansesters rich from its delicious food & traditions to its climate & weather located on the south-east of Europe. France is a truly unice place.

Regions and geographical facts

France is right by one of Europe's largest country's , their main religion is christian.The capital is Paris. With 2.2 billion pepole livening there. There money is there cents is called a ero and 1ero =100 cents.the name of French republic (Francaise) also known as France republic.

Climate & weather

Have you ever wondered what the weather in France is like? Well mostly they have as there climate is 20c-26c in may .Some of the warmest months are January through August.In October through November are the driest times of the year. Whenever tornados strik the wind can pick up to 52-83 mph that is crazy.In France they have thunderstorms so much they have a tornado if it can reach the spead,of 52-83 mph. Did you know in springtime in Paris it is so humid that nowon is barely out there,in their springtime they have so many tornados! Like we do in America They also live near the Atlantic Ocean.And in France they are cold in the winter, and hot in the summer.


Foods and traditions, can be the same or different or the same every year . Foods are one thing and traditions is another.France is best known for there whine and cheese. They have main dishes such as ground meat with raw egg on top with the sides as cheese.drinks are like kir,champagne,and wine,most desserts as fruit bowls and sometimes cake. Now to the traditions a public tradition as "fete du". One thing apart of that tradition they take the smallest person put them under a table and make them say the important people's names. And the biggest part of it is the 5ft tall cake.

In conclusion, I learned a lot about the country that my ancestors came from. France is a unique place because From its giving to its geting France is a beautiful place in the world.