Digital Citizenship Project

Dusty B period 5

Top 7 Digital Citizenship Rules

These rules can be very helpful.

Rule #1, Digital Etiquette

Don't be rude to anyone online because there is a good possibility they will be rude back so treat them how you want them to treat you.

Rule #2, Information Privacy.

Don't give out your personal information to anyone that you do not know and if you are on a website signing up for something and giving that website sensitive information make sure to read the " Terms Of Service".

Rule #3, Social Networking

Dont post any thing that people wont like and keep your private life private and dont post any private information
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Rule #4 Online Safety

To be safe online don't use any of your information and for example don't share your accounts with anyone that you do not know.

Rule # 5 Cyberbullying

People who are Cyberbullying think that it is just a harmless game but what they don't know is that the person on the other side of that screen has feelings and can hurt them bad.
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Rule # 6 Plagiarism

It is bad to plagiarize any body's work for one it is illegal and for two it is just wrong.
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Rule # 7 Copyright

If you ever take someone's work that has been copyrighted you may be sued because you did not get the creator's permission.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is then right things and rules to follow when you are online or anything to communicate with.

Why is it necessary for anyone to understand and display Digital Citizenship?

It is necessary because so anyone can stay safe online. And if there were no such thing as Digital Citizenship there would be crazy things going on.