Video game design

Multimedia Animators/Artists

The responsibilites of Multimedia animators/Artists

The main responsibilities of Multimedia Animators/Artists is that they must work well with others and cooperate with them no matter what the occasion is, and create graphical art using computers. They also edit the animations of their current work based of the feed back of others.

Training/Degree requirments

Most Multimedia Animators/Artists must have a Bachelor's degree in computer graphics, animation, and fine arts. Also they may have a Bachelor's degree in computer science.


Multimedia animators/artists in Illinois make $59,310 annually. A college that provides the classes I want to achieve the goals I am setting for myself is ITT Technical Institute in Oakbrook, IL. It is a college that is near my house and I cannot live of campus, and it is public for profit institute.

Reasons of ITT Tech being a good College for my career.

The main reason of why it is a good college for my career is that it would have all the classes that are needed for me to even think about making it into my career. Another reason is that it is a college that has more than just technology to offer you for you're career you can also learn to be a mechanic (of any kind really.)

Admissions requirements/ Tuituion Costs

There is no information about either of these subjects.
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